Thursday, December 23, 2010

KHEROW "Bintang Timoer"

The long awaited debut album from Borneo’s notorious rock metallers is finally unleashed. The band strives into domain of progressive rock yet continues to crush with lethal firepower. Let's us hear what their frontman, Afdzal Salimi has to say about their changes and the album;

First, let us know, how come your debut album has been delayed for s long? We reformed the band in 2007 with the new line up. So its took a while for us to adapt with new environment.

How is Sarawakian metal scene these days? I haven’t seen any new product from there for quite some time except Militant Attack and Voltan. Are you guys lazy to compose and record new songs but just gigging out there? Sarawak scene are getting better and stonger. the band are quit busy with other comittment. everyone in the band has a steady job but we managed to complete Bintang Timoer project.
Why did you simply put the title of your debut as “Bintang Timoer”? It is the title for the trax no 8 and the lyric was created by Kherow's ex member Mr. Iman, and we decided to put it as a title of the album.

If listened to your old sounds, one might noticed that there is a huge changes in Kherow. From sounds to conception. Why? Did the ex-members of Kherow happy with it? And since you the only original member/ founder left in Kherow. How to see the new member’s contribution towards the new dimension of Kherow? I love to play more rock n roll element, so u might see another transformation, hahahah... and for the old members, we still hang around together and they give me their full support, and same goes to the current members.

How come the idea to have a female vocalist? She's the best candidate back in 2007 when we started to composed..
For those who longing to hear how your debut going to sound like. Please describe it in words? Rock =====> Metal

Get it from Faithcraft Productions for RM15 (including post and packaging) or USD 12 or Euro10. To buy it using money transfer please contact us first: +60164757931 or +60138001222. And the official release date will be on 1st January 2011. Act fast!

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Monday, September 27, 2010


Those who remember Mr. Azil of Upanishad zine, will remember how great the content of the shits way back in the 90's. For your info, Mr. Azil working as teacher and now coaching a rugby team. And these are his official team's jersey. Behold the ambassador of pain!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Kumpulan nasheed, SOFWAH dari kampus Universiti Teknologi Mara Arau telah menjalani sesi rakaman selama 6 jam di Faithcraft Studio. Sofwah telah berjaya merekodkan lagu pertama mereka yang akan digunakan sebagai minus 1 untuk pertandingan nasheed yang berlangsung pada petang ini bertempat di Dewan Kapitol Kangar. Ini adalah rakaman pertama di Faithcraft yang melibatkan kumpulan yang sedemikian, Sofwah terdiri dari pelajar Uitm Arau yang mengalunkan vokal harmonic, dipadukan dengan alatan muzik seperti gendang, tamborin, gitar, bass dan dram. Muzik mereka mempunyai banyak unsur pop komersil.

Saksikan mereka disini.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


When I got a phone call asking me if Blackfire want to be back again on stage? I just laughed, we got several offers since 2006 but we refuse to do it for some personal reasons. Anyway, I forward this matter to Azmi.

Within a week, I got a reply from him. Surprisingly, he accepted the offer. I laughed again, how can we play while I never meet Hadi (the drummer) for 2-3 years now. Blackfire didn’t rehearse together for about 5 years now. Furthermore, we had no guitarist. Since Joe Slaughter is now playing with Death Metal band, SILENT DEATH. He said, ‘no need to worry, I already called up Joe and he agreed to play while my elder son (from Hardcore / American metal band) will taken care of the drum, you just need to switch to play guitar and find someone to play bass’.

So, I told, let me think about it first. The first thing came to my mind is Hadi. Hadi is really the true identity and the attitude of Blackfire. The dark side of the band. His playing is a trademark of true brutality. How it gonna be without him on the drums? I couldn’t find Hadi anywhere, while all his numbers are unavailable. His house were empty and I heard he moved somewhere in Sintok.

Azmi insist his son could do it, while his son keep forward me his band music to look out for his potential. I heard it and it’s ok. I asked Joe via facebook, he too said he got no problem with it. Since Azmi pretty much serious this time, ok let’s do it. I said.

Azmi, Joe Slaughter and I were the line-up for the debut album. I guess, the crowds don’t have a problem with it. I asked, the guitarist and vocalist of Thrash Metal band, DEVASTATOR whether he is interested in playing the bass? After all he already knew Hadi and Azmi. He agreed. So the confirmed line-up would be; me- rhythm guitar, Joe Slaughter – lead guitar, Syed- bass, Azmi – vocal and Asraf – drum.

The problem now is, I’m living up here in Perlis with Syed. So we just let them rehearse together. Everything when up there was totally unknown to me and Syed. I just knew via sms that things were going smooth down there. They rehearsed every week under the guidance of Joe Slaughter. All thanks to him.

4 days early before the gig, I’m together with Syed drove off to Kuala Lumpur. Having great breakfast, nice music ( mostly been accompanied by Slayer, Paradise Lost, Judas Priest and Sentenced ), and nice lauch. It was a wonderful trip. We went straight up to Morego Studio, Ampang to see what is going to happen.

Yes, the kids brought us nightmare. The timing were outs, tempos were loose, even Azmi didn’t know where to begins. I knew right from the beginning, Azmi already lose his senses many years ago, he never seen any gig for more than 20 years, he never bother try to sings when we rehearse many years ago, he even forgot how live environment would be like. To him, everything is too loud, fuzzy and noisy. There is too much error in drum playing, but he just don’t notice it. To me and Syed, it is real shocking!

On our way to Joe Slaughter’s home. We discussed these matter. We knew the kids were unprepared ( now there are 2 kids, the younger brother also wanted to perform. He probably would cry if we drop him ). Well, we probably look even worst than kenduri band, but Syed and Joe said they really want this to happen. After all, they really want to appreciate the old man efforts. They want the old man to be happy with the kids. And he really wanted to expose the potential of his kids.

Hard to say, but I complained to Azmi about his kids. They really need to work harder. Me and Syed catch cold and fever that night. We remained sick till the final day.

So, we managed to rehearsed for 3 times. I am happy with the improvement. I saw Joe also smiling in our final rehearse, meaning the kids will do just fine. But Azmi, remains mostly lost with his words.

Teach your children to worship s***n


Now, where is that fucking hotel?

Vokill Fest begins. We are the first band did the soundcheck. Everything seems just fine. Back in the hotel room, we just slept. Having chit chat about our old days ( breakfast @ market, his kids, dio, pondan ) and future plans ( next recording, umrah, etc).

Clash of the titans!

horn and fist!

8.30 pm we went to the venue, armed to the teeth. PROFANE CREATION was on stage, good performance by these lads. Jadam, their guitarist is the responsible guy who did all the engineering works for our debut album.
Like all the fan expected, we started off with “Lahirnya Dari Api” (click here to watch). Great to see all of the crowds enjoyed the show and we delievered the best we could. It was hell of atmosphere! But the problem started when we crushed with the 4th song “Kemenangan Disaat Saat Akhir”. The kid finally did it. He did very well till half of the song, but continue with wrong strokes to the very last verses ( he went back to ‘Sil Khannas’ again) . Azmi at the times already lost. I couldn’t help him out as he probably singing the other lyrics while I’m the others. Hahaha! It was chaotic.

Azmi really wanted to wrapped up this show with “Kemenangan..” but the crowds and the organizers still wanted 1 more song to be delivered. As I thought this final song would be a good bonus to the crowds. We did. And it was terrible. The problem also came from dysfunctional monitor to the drumset. Anyhow, that is the problem with the kids, they couldn’t absorb the tension. Their nervous killing the mood, as they couldn’t recover from mistakes in short time but they are dying to go up on stage to show their cute faces to chicks out there. So they did.

To me, it is okay. Me, Syed and Joe are having fun even people like us wanted to go up there just to terrorize. By that means, we want no error but a merciless showmanship. But on Azmi side, he just want to have a good time with his kids up there. As he told to me, these is the end of his carrier. Supposedly, Hadi should be joining us too. But, I have nothing against it. Judging from this show, I am actually agreed. We can no longer play live anymore. This is the good way to end it.

Me and Syed drove back to home just after the show. Even so damned tired but we have to. We are working our ass the next day. It is nice to meet all the people out there. Hope you all having good time, we did. And we will remember all your faces deep in our heart.

2th August 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I did this painting way back in 2003 and it was the 2nd time I'm using watercolours. The first one was the painting for KREMATION debut album. This is my imaginations on how Jack The Ripper or Jack The Knife looks like in his prime days of killing.

A4 size with frame.

The price is RM80 or USD50 including postage.


I drew this in 2002, as I admired the artwork of DIO "Killing The Dragon" so much. To me, the visual portrays a group of people dethroned the supreme power that oppress them. It got much power and meaning behind it. This work was done using pencil totally. The size is A4 and sold with frame.

The price is RM 80 or USD50 ( including postage)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The second generation of Borneo's Black Death Metal KHEROW has signed up to Faithcraft Productions for their long awaited debut album. Kherow has walked away from their old images towards the new direction musically. The melodic elements still remain vital in their arrangements yet they never limit the senses of brutality and extremity. KHEROW in words are progressive, exotical and cosmical.

For those who didn't know, they have existed since the early 2000 but split-up after they had released the first single demo in 2003. Rebirth in 2007 with new line-up, while only Afdzal the drummer is the only founder member's left. The cameback seems promising with series of successful gigs around their hometown, Kuching.

We in Faithcraft known Afdzal for as long as his band lives. A good friend, and we have spent lots of good moment in gigs, studios together. We strongly believe, Kherow going to unleash a very unique and fresh materials to glorify our extreme music movement.

They are currently in the studio for the final mixing process, engineered by Mantheravathee of HAYAGRIVA. If it went as planned the 8 tracks debut album will be entitle "Bintang Timoer" hellclusively!

The band also has confirmed their show in Jakarta this coming, 27th June 2010. Behold!

Visit their page here

Friday, March 5, 2010


“Su’ul Khatimah” telah dikeluarkan dalam versi kaset terhad pada 1 Mac 2010, dengan lukisan kulit depan yang berlainan. Ingin aku beri sedikit penerangan mengenai lukisan ini. Lukisan ini telah lama aku hasilkan dan rasanya ia mengambarkan figura pemuzik di dalam Au Revoir. Ini adalah lukisan terakhir aku yang menjadikan manusia sebagai rujukan, aku memohon maaf kepada Tuhan atas kejahilan selama ini. Jadi lukisan-lukisan aku untuk masa hadapan akan berpaksikan sesuatu yang tidak bernyawa, fiction, alam atau makhluk yang tidak lengkap.
Aku mendapat ilham dari karya-karya Zornow, jadi aku amat meminati lukisan hitam putih dan klassik. Bagi mereka yang ingin mendapatkan “Su’ul Khatimah” versi kaset ini boleh dapatkannya melalui Faithcraft Productions dengan harga RM10. Tiada ulang cetak.
Bagi yang ingin mengetahui mengapa aku mengambil keputusan untuk tidak melukis sebegini lagi. Ianya bermula bila aku membeli sebuah buku bertajuk Muhammad SAW; Kisah hidup nabi serta peperangan di zamannya yang ditulis oleh Nik Abdul Aziz. Antara isi kandungannya:
Imam Muslim meriwayatkan daripada Abdullah bin Umar r.a katanya, aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda; “ Sesungguhnya sedasyat-dasyat azab kepada manusia di hari kiamat ialah terhadap para pembuat gambar ( al Mushawwirun)”.
Para ulama perundangan Islam telah beristinbat hukum daripada haids-hadis tersebut, sebagai dalil mengenai hukum tegahan membuat gambar. Sama ada lukisan pada dinding ataupun ukiran patung-patung yang bertongkol, semuanya terlarang di sisi Rasulullah SAW.
Mengapakah perbuatan membuat patung-patung ataupun melukis gambar haiwan (juga gambar manusia) tergolong dalam dosa besar? Ini kerana perbuatan itu menyerupai kerja ciptaan Tuhan, seolah-olah menyamakan dirinya dengan sifat Tuhan yang Maha Pencipta. Sebagaimana hadis riwayat Abdullah bin Umar r.a katanya, aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW berkata; Akan diseksa pada hari kiamat orang-orang yang membuat gambar makhluk bernyawa ( suratun), hatta dikatakan kepada mereka, ‘Hidupkanlah (berilah nyawa) kepada apa yang telah kamu ciptakan.”
Timbul isu mengenai gambar foto yang diambil dengan kamera. Adakah ia sama hukumnya dengan gambar lukisan? Gambar yang diambil mengunakan kamera itu, boleh dilakukan dengan mudah sama ada oleh orang dewasa ataupun kanak-kanak. Sesetengah ulama berpendapat bahawa hukumnya berlainan, kerana mengunakan kamera tidak menunjukan adanya usaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk meniru perbuatan Tuhan. Sedangkan melukis itu memerlukan kesungguhan, dengan kekuatan minda dan keupayaan mata serta tangan dengan kepakaran mengunakan alat seperti berus dan cat warna ataupun alat pengukir bagi menghasilkan sesuatu yang difikirkan oleh otak. Sedangkan mengambil gambar menggunakan kamera tidak memerlukan kemahiran yang tinggi. Bagaimanapun bagi orang-orang yang warak, mereka tidak akan membezakan antara melukis dan juga mengambil gambar mengunakan kamera. Warak bererti suatu usaha berhati-hati ataupun cermat dalam urusan agama, supaya tidak terbabas ke dalam suatu jurang yang terlarang.
Bersikap warak untuk megelak daripada terjerumus perkara syubhat itu, sememangnya satu di antara sunnah Rasulullah SAW. Bercermat sememangnya mustahak kepada orang yang menjaga diri daripada tercebur ke dalam perkara yang terlarang.
Adapun untuk mendapat hakikat hukum sebenarnya menghasilkan gambar menggunakan kamera, ia memerlukan kajian secara mendalam dan terperinci terutama dalam perkara utama. Seperti untuk tujuan dokumen rasmi ataupun pelajaran serta pengajaran dan seumpamanya. Sebagaimana keharusan oleh sebahagian ulama tentang pengunaan patung bagi tujuan pendidikan kanak-kanak perempuan.
Untuk kupasan lebih lanjut sila dapatkan buku ini.