Saturday, October 31, 2009

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Sarcastic

SARCASTIC was formed in the middle of September 1992, which is by now they are a forefather of extreme metal in Kedah, known in ancient time as the capital kingdom of Malay land called ‘Nagara Kedah’. The band in the old days was heavily influenced by ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA and MOONSPELL without forgetting the old masters like SODOM, MORBID ANGEL, SORCOFAGO and BATHORY. They recorded a debut demo “Gather For Last” in April 1994 which contains 3 tracks but only available for friends.

This interview was done in 1998 and its seem the band has been laid down to rest today. Anyway, you might get an interesting info here...

Anything to say before we started this interview?
Hi there, I’m Evilheart here which will answer this interview and hopefully you’ll enjoy to read this.

How’s the “Demo 1998” going on? Tell us about the recording, selling and your satisfactory?
“No Mercy at All” was recorded at Kris Studio, Alor Setar and we took in about 2 days to finish all of it. So far, the selling is quite good for us. Untill this interviews were answered, almost 100 copies were sold... I guess and it mostly spreaded around the north region. We also satisfied with this demo compared to the previous one (Gather For Last) which can’t reach our satisfaction.

How do you describe in the demo? I means the lyrics? Tell something about all the bewitching hymns?
Our lyrics is mainly discussing about something like ancient wars, mystical tales/art, vengeance, violence, life, killing, history, etc.. which we thought suit to perform it within metal music. Yes! We believe that metal needs something hard, violence, full of cruelty, etc.. and so on with the lyrics.

How about your sound, people said Sarcastic’s sound similiar to Greek’s sound. Do you agree?
Frankly, I don’t agree with that but in the same time I accept what they want to say about it. Maybe “Into Ritual” have alot of similiarities within Greece sound, but for me not all those songs in “No Mercy At All” influenced by Greece’s bands. The other songs like “ The Hour Of The Battlefield”, “Devilkiss” may be different compared to Greece’s sound. Anyway it’s up to you to decide...

Oh, I almost forget to ask you about the band’s history? Why do you form this band?
About our band history I think you better see it in our bio. And the reason why we forming this band is simply to show our expression/taste/feeling, etc in metal and also to give to the U/G scene what we’ve got and of course we want to share it with them. We did this scene we start and still do it untill now...

What do you think about Malaysian Death Metal scene? And what do you think about old-school metal which became fashion lately?
Death metal scene actually is still alive but no as the same as ever because nowadays our scene is highly recovered by black, gothic, atmospheric, ambient, etc.. . We still have a death metal band untill today such as Silent Death, Braindead, etc and lately Tandus, Mandatory, etc. As I’ve told you above the situation is never the same as before coz now it seems like the subject above rules not only our scene but almost everywhere now. I’m glad if some band start to play back the 80’s metal influences because the old –school stuffs have a lot of originalities and quite unique too. But the band should do it honestly, not just follow the trend. That’s all I think.

When we looks to eastern band now, many of them begin to talk about Malay Magic, Malay epic and poetry and other patriotic stuffs. Would Sarcastic follows them? What do you think about traditional Malay Magic?
What can I say about that, I’m glad to see this thing going on. We should be proud to talk about our own stuffs because it also can buil-up our own identity. Yes! Eastern image. It’s wasting if we still talk about Viking, snow, etc which quite not related with our scene. But for Sarcastic we are not 100% into that stuffs. This not means we disagree with that matter. Since we start, our lyrics is mainly about something violence especially about war, revenge, etc. So we just want to keep that thing moving and that was our identity I guess...

To every darksouls the forest holds something special, unique, mysterious and powerful. Do you agree?
I’m not sure about this. It’s depends on how they feel and of course forest have alots of mysterious thing inside. The story about ‘bunian’, ‘penunggu’, ‘pontianak’, etc. Is highly related within the forest and maybe this all things gave them the inspiration to feel the forest hold something horror, mystic and tons of mysterious thing inside. But don’t forget that forest also hide a lt of wild-life especially the dangerous one like snake, tiger, lion, etc. Ha! Ha! Ha!

At this time, any serious record labels interested to release your material?
We actually just have a deal with North Poem Records ( a new label risen up from Kedah ) recently. They agreed to distribute our demo. So for now, everybody who want to try our stuffs, you can get it through North Poem Records.

Future plan?
Our future plans is to record another material but not in this current moment. From now we just want to concentrate on “No Mercy At All”.

Some epiloque for this interview?
Thanks Remmy for this interview and for those outside there who supported us, we appreciate it and thanks a lot.

Monday, October 26, 2009


2 hari lepas aku bersama Syed Devastator ke kedai elektronik Indera Jaya untuk membaiki amp bass Behringer dynamizer yang pukah angkara 5 orang budak umur sekitar 13 – 15 tahun. Bengang betul aku dibuatnya. Dalam masa yang sama aku teringat sebuah peristiwa suatu ketika dahulu di M.A Studio yang menjadi satu-satunya tempat latihan kami – Blackfire dan The Ravens.

Teringat lagi masa itu, aku dan Yen masih berkerja sebagai kuli di merata-rata. Kami dah mencecah umur pertengahan 20-an masa itu jadi suatu permulaan yang agak lewat berbanding remaja-remaja masa kini yang pada usia 13 tahun sudah boleh bermain alat muzik dan menyewa studio. Kali pertama aku menyewa studio masih segar dalam ingatan aku, yakni di sebelah Pasaraya Taman Kemajuan yang dimiliki oleh Subri ex-Blackfire. Aku berusia 16 tahun ketika itu, mengayuh basikal bersama Roohi dan Ronnie ke studio berkenaan hasil himpunan wang saku ke sekolah selama seminggu.

Dibawah jaket Sodom itulah amp Fender yang aku musnahkan. heh!

Kembali kepada cerita bass ini, pada suatu pagi kami (Blackfire) seperti biasa menjalani latihan di M.A Studio atau lebih dikenali sebagai Studio Pak Din, seperti selalu aku cucuk saja kabel bass gitar aku tekan butang ‘on’ dan pulas knob full volume dan petik. BAAaaamm! Amp Fender kepunyaan Pak Din blown! Pak Din punya angin dengan aku hari itu, dimakinya aku berguni-guni sambil menukarkan speaker amp tersebut kepada yang baru serta-merta kerana beliau ada stok speaker yang banyak. Yang baiknya Pak Din ini, walaupun dia marah. Dia tidak meminta sesen pun sebagi ganti kerosakan berkenaan kerana dia faham kami ini tidak berduit.

Children of the Damned yang memusnahkan amp aku pula. hah!

Jadi dari situ aku pun teringat kes budak-budak ini, aku nak minta ganti pun. Semestinya mereka tidak berduit jugak. Mungkin duit yang digunakan untuk menyewa studio ini pun hasil dari wang saku yang disimpan. Jadi tidak sampai hati hendak minta.

Seperti apa yang Pak Din leterkan kepada aku lama dahulu, aku pun ulangilah kepada budak-budak berkenaan. Jika amp masih belum digunakan hari itu, atau maknanya masih belum panas. Jangan terus buka full volume dan main. Warm-up sebentar kemudian baru cari setting yang sesuai. Barulah amp itu tahan lama dan tidak blow. Betul atau tidak teori itu aku tidak tahu, tetapi dah 2 kali perkara ini berlaku melalui pengalaman aku. Dan rasanya ianya betul!

Monday, October 12, 2009


owThe recording for all lead guitars begun last night. I must say, this is our best works so far. I definately satisfied with all the 6 songs we worked for this whole year. Thanks to Yen, for helping me out even his schedule was tigh with his volley ball team, job, kids and wife. This new mini-album would never complete without him. To me, Yen was the best guitarist I’ve ever worked with. He’s an excellent guitar player into Scandinivian Black Metal so much. Only the tunes from Marduk or Mayhem can satisfy this beast.

The good things about Yen, he only guy understood what I wanted in my music. He can appreciate my control in the band and his attitude is the best. HE never interested in playing with other bands. Even if I’m not around, he rather not playing guitar at all than to play with other bands. That’s what I truly admire about him.

Looking back in time, we both formed The Ravens ( Black/Thrash Metal band) back in 1999 and now we still together with Au Revoir, which is 10 years now. We’re innocent, unskilled musicians when we first touched our instruments of choice. I remember Boy Rahim, I remember Wanwarlock, I remember Diken, I remember Ijan, I remember Ciwi, I remember all of us drove in Wanwarlock's mini car to M.A Studio. Damn! Ciwi came to my studio just a few minutes ago, and he’s the first guy I give the chance to listen to the new songs. HE was like... Wow! ( like usual!). Ciwi is the most supportive friend we ever had, everything we do ( whether good or bad) he will always say it ‘great’. Back in those old days, Ciwi even paid to watch us play. I am happy he’s still loves our works till these days.

Well, the new mcd will be released on January 2010. Contains with 6 songs, of fucking heavy metal. During the period of this recording, I’m mostly listening and get inspired by Pentagram, Candlemass, Judas Priest, Turbo (Poland), and Black Sabbath. I guess, I go for arrangement this time rather than complex riffs or aggression. But don’t worry, I never get sentimental. It is heavy as fuck and dark as the night!

About the lyrics, what I can say, I’m into John Dunning stuffs, who wrote over a thousand account of true crime. A mixture of sorcery, satanism, sadism, and religious subject as well.

So I just hope you all gonna get this mcd when it’s out, coz I’m sure we are going to take a break for a long period after this album been released. But I promise, this new mini cd going to stab you deep in the heart!

Click here to watch our recording session.