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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Vornoff

It will come, the time when you really feels so lonely in this vast planet, the time when joy and bitterness is just the same. You hate these life, but you’re too lazy to die. You wish you’re a killer, but you’re afraid of blood. You been surrounded by thousand misery and despair. If that what you have been through all these days, I think Svest is the right person you should be friend with....

Hi. How’s life today? Anything special happened lately? What thing you do beside music?
Hail Rammy. Life is pretty good at the moment. I have recently moved to a bigger city, so lots of different shit has happened. I will soon attend Iron Maiden concert in Copenhagen, so I am quite excited at the moment. I study English at the University, so I am unfortunately not able to spend all my time on music.

Well, Vornoff is the first introduction from you, and few weeks ago I received your own band’s demo cd called Sagntid. Can you tell me more about both bands? I means, why you still continue on the same musical path on both bands...
Vornoff and Sagntid are my 2 main bands, and there are a lots of similarities between them, but Vornoff deal with melancholy, despair and hopelessness, whereas Sagntid is darker and more horror filled. Vornoff consists of me (Svest) and great friend of mine named Ull, whereas Sagntid is my solo-project. Vornoff was formed back in September 2001 and it was originally intended to be a one-man project of mine, but I played the first songs and ideas to Ull and he really liked it, so he was included in the line-up and we have released 1 rehearsal-cd and 2 demo-cds so far. “Forledt” was released in February/March 2003 and it is by far the best release yet. Sagntid is, as I mentioned earlier, a one-man project of mine and the songs that I have created for Sagntid are more based on fear, uneasiness and horror, which are emphasized by my use of samples and spoken-words passages. The new Vornoff material is a mixture of Vornoff “Forledt” and Sagntid “Crows Awaiting Murder”, so Sagntid will most likely be laid to rest now. There is no longer any point in carrying on with Sagntid since my ideas for this project will be used in Vornoff music.

What is the best way to describe your music. It’s absolutely non-metal stuffs. There ain’t no guitar riffs, no hard-hitting drums and no cut-throated vocals... just pure eerie and gloomy sound, and you also works on some sampling for the new cd. Right?
The best way to describe my/our music (i.e Vornoff and Sagntid) is that it is haunting, depressive, simplistic and dark ambient music. People who are not into hypnotic melodies and monotonous music will not enjoy it. Sagntid’s “Crows Awaiting Murder” includes a lot of samples and few spoken-word passages, and Sagntid is generally more up-paced than Vornoff.

How much that you agree with me, on music is translated emotions throughout art?I hope that I understood this question correctly, but I agree that music is an art form, which is ideal if you want to express your emotions and feelings towards certain subjects.
Talking about spiritual music, I remember some bands worship KING DIAMOND as a god. How influential is King to you? Mind telling me your musical background?I only have one King Diamond album, which is “House Of God” album, but I like it and I am definitely going to buy a few more albums by King Diamond and Merciful Fate. My music is not influenced by King Diamond, but rather by bands such as Wongraven, Black Sabbath, DIO, Nortt, Saturnus, Mayhem, and alot of other bands as well. I started listening to Metallica’s “Masters Of Puppets”, and Black Sabbath’s “Dehumanizer” when I was around 11 years old, and Heavy Metal has been my life ever since. My favorites bands include: Black Sabbath, DIO, Dissection, Arghoslent, Iron Maiden, Antaeus, Sodom, Necrophagia, Arcturus, Emperor, Slayer, Denial Of God, Nortt, Necrodeath, Behemoth, Alice Cooper, Abysmal Grief, Usurper, My Dying Bride, Saturnus, Mayhem (up till “Wolf’s Lair Abyss”), Satyricon, Blazing Eternity (1st album), Winds, Venom, Wongraven, Thou Shalt Suffer, Darkthrone, Rainbow (with Ronnie James), Strychnos, Motorhead, Halford, Carpathian Forest, Destruction, and many others. Metal music is without doubt my musical background, and I only listen to a handful of ambient bands, which may seem a bit weird since Vornoff and Sagntid perform ambient music, but I really like ambient bands such as Wongraven, Thou Shalt Suffer (“Somnium” album), Sephiroth, Skuty Lodem, Mortiis (first 3 albums), Of Wand and The Moon and old Burzum songs such as “Tomhet” and “Channeling the Power..”

At first I never expect that you was also a brutal metal fan, not until I saw you wearing that Mayhem t-shirt. Do you loves Norwegian bands. You have spent a chitchat moment backstage with Mayhem. Tell me what do you think about them?
I won’t sat that I love Norwegian bands as such, but I listen to Emperor, Burzum’s “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” album, Satyricon, Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Storm, Isengard, Aura Noir, Thou Shalt Suffer and Mayhem quite alot, so some of my favorite bands are definately Norwegian bands, but Norway also releases a lot of crap. I saw Mayhem perform in Copenhagen 2-3 years ago and I was backstage afterwards, and even though I don’t enjoy “Grand Declaration Of War” album, it was really cool to see them perform, even through Maniac is terrible when singing the songs from “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”. I mostly spoke with Blasphemer, and he was really cool and friendly, but otherwise we were just drinking beer and talking about their concert and music, but they were all quite friendly and down to earth.

Above all feeling that we shared in these world. It’s seem that you preferred fear and horror rather than joy. What do you think of life?

This is quite difficult to explain in a few words, but I enjoy life because of the outlet music gives me. I would be miserable and depressed person if I couldn’t play or listen to metal or ambient music. I have a lot of misanthropy and hate within me, which not something that I can deny, but I am able to potray my feelings of despair, fear and misanthropy in my music, so music is everything to me. As I said, this is quite difficult to explain in a few words, but let me just say that my inner feelings, thoughts and visions are potrayed in my music. I consider fear much more authentic than any other feeling I know of.

Just wanna know directly from you. Did you think your slow and mystical music can be considered dangerous to public?
Not really. I have never really thoughts about this. Well, if somebody feels depressive and hateful after having listened to Sagntid and Vornoff, I guess that my goal has been reached then, haha. I have my own interpretation of my music. So I can’t really give a shit about whether or not my music could be harmful to anybody.

What is Denmark known for. It’s beautiful gals or foods?
Denmark is known for it’s beer (Tuborg and Carlsberg) and its fucked-up laws. Raping a girl won’t grant you more punishment than robbing a liquor store. Otherwise Denmark is just a pretty “normal” EU country. I won’t say that the Danish girls are more attractive than girl of other countries. The Danish girls are similiar to girls from other countries; some of them are fat, stupid or cheap, and others are nice, good looking and intelligent.

What can you hope for Vornoff and Sagntid in time to come?
I hope that we can keep on creating our music and that we will continue to put every inch of our misanthropy into it. Enchanted Choir Productions will soon release a split-tape with Vornoff and Vinterriket, which will inclued our “Forledt” Cd-r and 3 bonus songs, so I am looking forward to that. An old song from “Savn” rehearsal cd will also appear on Gravesites Productions next compilation. I am currently working on another project with a great friend of mine named Vulm, we are currently composing and recording some stuff, which will be released as a rehearsal/demo cd sometime in 2004. The band/project is called “Forlis”, and it will be a mixture of obscure metal and melancholic ambient parts.

How would you like to die...if you could wish for it?
I would prefer something quick and painless. Getting shot through the head or having a quick and deadly stroke would be preferred.

Any last words?
If anybody is interested in obtaining Vornoff’s “Forledt” or Sagntid’s “Crows Awaiting Murder” send me an e-mail: . Trade are welcome, but contact me first. Rememberthat the greatest sorrow is to recall happiness in times of misery!
Jens Nepper, Herlev Hovedgade 140C, ST Herlev 2730 DENMARK

Interview by:- Rammy

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12/4/2009 (Saturday) - Perlis, Indie Rock band, No Signal has recorded their single entitled " Beauty Breaking Sunday Morning" in Faithcraft Studio. The track can be listen thru their official myspace page.

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