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KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Hail

A young unidentified Singaporean band, HAIL already popular by only doing several live-shows in Malaysia. We have chance to asked something to Stormm, the frontman of the band. This interview was featured in issue no. 6 (1999)...

Tell me briefly, what drove you to started Hail? It’s for real or side project bands, how about the involment of As Saharians?
It also started back in 1995 that made me realize that there aren’t many bands that really appreciated the music of black metal, instead more into apprearences. Hail is not a project band. Hanael of As Sahar became of Hail when our bassist couldn’t cope with our proggressiveness. We’re grateful for the involment of the As Saharians towards Hail.

Hail is well-accepted coz of As Sahar’s publicities. How would you denied this words?
Like I was saying, we’re grateful towards them and we won’t deny anything.

What is Hail concept, lyrically and musically?
Hail concept is strictly metal. Lyrically and musically are under our knowledge and capabilities.

I know, Hail has recorded 3 promo tracks. So tell me something about it? Like the responses, problems, satisfactory and selling?
By the way how you know about our promo since it’s hasn’t been released yet. We do get responses through our gigs that were good. We do have a lot of problems. I can say that it is satisfactory but I still don’t prefer the quality of the production sound.

How about an offer from Nebiula Production?
I am not so sure.

Everybands wanted to be original, so they will use weird instruments, chance their sound to 80’s style ( which is fashion lately), etc. Well, what would you say about that?
I have come to notice that more and more bands try different kinds of instruments to sound more original and together with 80’s style of sounding. I think it’s OK as long as they don’t overdo it.

Professionality in layout & phototechique, crystal clear sounds, etc.. will trap black metal into commercialism. Do you agree?
Black metal has already reached commercialization since the sentence of Varg Vikerness that back in 1993. It is understood more and more professional towards their music and everything else. I agree to some part and disagree to some part of it. We must progress ourselves as we are almost into the millenium.

what bands yu’ve grown up with?

Satanism slowly disappear from black metal of today. What do you think?
People nowadays are more open than that olden age. They are more into music than the art of Satanism.

We’re going to northern Europe, especially the Norwegian. Do you think Norway rule supreme of the black metal throne? And when Euronymous buried six feet under, many of them went pagan instead of being satanist. Your thoughts on those situation?
Norwegian black metal will always rules. About pagans and such, I really have no comments about it.

Your aim for Hail in the future?
To be successful in our kind of music.

Hail shared the stage with a lot of talented bands. Tell me your unforgotable experiences on stage. What bands has the best live performances to you?
We are quite honored to be playing with all the talented bands, all the bands deserve their credits to be the best performers during live shows.

Last words for this interview?
Be a metal freak forever!

c/o: Stormm, Blk 879, Woodlands St 82, Ave 9, #03-22, S(730879) Singapore

interview by:- Rammy

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With Cryptic Malediction

CRYPTIC MALEDICTION was spawned in December 1993, and in March 1995 they released the debut demo ‘ Cognitive Dissonance’. When I done this interview in 1998, they has just released ‘ Insanity To Berserk’ EP with Thamlikha, Philosopher Of Death, Shah, Ar Long and G. While their old drummer left to play with ARADIA. The band was no longer active these days, but they has formed a tradition band called DEWANGGA SAKTI which gained great success and already toured many countries in the world. I guess, it is their destiny is not to berserk anyway.....

Let me hear your first whisper?
Enter the Philosopher’s dreamworld and march into the glorious path of destruction!
Anything special happen to C.M lately?
KL METAL ATTACK on August 1st 1999. We are going to release the split album with INDAMNATION entitled ‘ The Rebirth’ which will include the remixed version of ‘Insanity To Berserk’ EP ( it sounds better!) plus two bonus new recording. Release date Sept/Oct.
I know C.M existence for a very long time, but I’d never expect that you would became a big name of Malaysian Death Metal bands. After releasing ‘Insanity..’ do you feel bigger now?
NO. We are not a big name! We have just started and it is only the begining of our death metal invasion. Just wait for our debut album ‘Embedded In Blood’ next year. It is very extreme and aggressive. All songs are faster than the EP!
Tell me something about ‘Insanity..’ EP. Something about recording, reponses, problems and your satisfaction? Any new compositions?
Insanity was recorded in October 1997 ( such long time) and released in July 1998. The mixing process is not up to our expectation. So now we have remixed the EP and re-released it on CD/cassettes. We have recorded bonus tracks for the split album in April 1999 and the track called ‘Warrior Of The Sand’. Right now, we are concerntrating on writing material for our debut album. So, everything is still under considerations.
Too many bands come out with Malay-based culture lyrics, I see some of those influental in your cover artworks. Explain to me?
It is the matter of answering to our own root, our culture, civilasation. We don’t care about others because we are venturing into our own lyric domain and the subject are different. We are more into history, folklore and essence of Malay culture, more to epic side. We are a bit critical about this subject and we have to make research in order to get it more meaningful!
When we think about death metal mixed with folklore. Of course, we will remember Sweden. Do you agree if I said Sweden has produced many great musicians from all type of music?
Yes! Of course, you have to add another two countries, Norway and Finland, right?. Those three countries are really great in producing great bands!
Tell me about C.M songwriting. ..which one you prefer, melodic or destructive?
If you refer to Swedish sound, I like old Entombed, Unleashed, Dissection, Dismember, Arch Enemy, Marduk, Swordmaster and many more but I will never forget Bathory! I don;t know how to described our songwriting. Can you give us anything about our songwriting? Personally I like fast and aggressive stuff added with great arrangement. For example Morbid Angel, Deciede, old Entombed, Death and so on.
You also planned to have gothic/operatic band soon, right? What would say if I call you’re one of those who trapped into commercialism in metal?
Ha!Ha!Ha! is gothic/operatic type of music one of the music that you called commercial? I guess it’s not true! Is gothic listenable to all type of metal listeners? I consider it as a pointless judgement. This is my old plan in 1996 which at that time, gothic influenced music is not the primal subject. Anyway wait for DANCING SHADOWS!! It’s a bit experimental.

Just look to DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH, people begin to blame them when they had crystal clear sound, melodious songs, etc.. It’s sign of commercialism.
Just when everybody like DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH and the production is very great compared to others, people began to blame these elements as sign of commercialism? So, which are the bands in Malaysia that are similiar in this case. Tell me? I think as long as they produce quality music and play music on their own honesty, it is not considered as commercial! It is the ethic of being yourself and honest in playing music, that not the case! So, to avoid this, you cannot release album and get media coverage in Terrorizer, Metal Maniac, etc?...Just play music and make demos and the rest being undevelop and cannot progress your music to a satisfied level? When they release bad sounding production, the reaction is still the same? I guess, it is the end of the world. Actually it is up to individual perception!!

Satanism slowly disappear from Black Metal music, what do you think about death metal in 4-5 years to come?
Still exist but with different elements. People started to add new elements to make it weird. These are bands still concerntrating on the old touch.

Fantasy question. If some day C.M turns to be heavy metal band, how wound C.M sounds? Describe?
Like old Helloween or Hammerfall. No! I don’t think we will move away from our death metal roots! We will not change our music!!!
Joakim from NECROPHOBIC, Vincent from MORBID ANGEL, .. saying death metallers are more honest than black metallers. What do you understand by their words?
I think every musicians is honest to himself as long as they make their own music and not following the trends.
What bands do you considered as the bands of the 90’s?
Too many bands

Recently you has playing live with SIL KHANNAZ, TANDUS, ARADIA, Izzit the best live performance to you?
Not yet but among the best. I did not satisfied with the sound system ( just like what you saw in Penang!). overall, it is quite great but we need time to make it better.

Epiloque for this interview?
Thanx Rammy for this interview, I guess it is great and still can be improved, ok?. Good luck, last but not least, watch out for ‘The Rebirth’ split album featuring CRYPTIC MALEDICTION and INDAMNATION! Also the band called DANCING SHADOWS!!!