Monday, February 2, 2009

KEMENYAN FANZINE: Interview With As Sahar

I bet everyone who involved in metal scene in Malaysia and Singapore knew, One Barchiel. He’s been friendly towards me as he’s been contributing reviews, articles, poems, for the sake of my zine. And this interview was the very very first interview I’ve done and got it replied. So, you know how happy I am that day. There is no fucking internet in those days, and yes, this is something to remember....
How are you?
I’m fucking fine... I’m finally out of National Service in Police Force after a 2 ½ years stint. I’ve got to cherish my very moment of freedom now & to start with, myself and fellow As Saharians will take part in METAL GATHERING in Ipoh this coming March.Tell me more about your “Phenomistik” album?“Phenomistik” is our first full-length album project. A truthful devotion to Malay mysticism and magick as well as praise upon landscapic wonders of our Malay archipelago. It’s our first experimentation with melancholic soundscapes to create drifty and emotional concept.Where do you get the inspirations of these Eastern melodies?
From my proud race, Malay. Especially in those days of Paganism.

What do you think about bands that used female voices?
No comment, as long as that suit the music, it’s okay....Don’t you want to use a full Malay-lyrics in your songs like LANGSUIR and SIL KHANNAZ has done?LANGSUIR and SIL KHANNAZ has done that, so why must As Sahar be another trends? In our next project, it’ll be 50-50 Malay+English... Perhaps we’ll try to sing in the various dialects (loghat) there are in Malaysia-west or East. Maybe you can ask SATYRICON –‘why don’t you sing in full Norwegian lyrics like ULVER and EINHERJER had done?’Tell me about BLACK WINDS PRODUCTIONS?
It’s dead

What things you hated most in life?
Hypocrites, especially some bands who pretended to be behind us all this while but their hearts are infested by jealousy. The very reason why Hanael and Iblyss are now fully As Saharians devotees.. no longer in other bands!Do you remember the blodshed’s history in 13th May? What would you do if it happen again?
Stay at home, get few bottles of beer and drink, drink, drink....I heard that you was an occult student now! Tell me what kind of occult that you studied?
Occult student? Oh yeah? At which college or university? I studied Malay magick both black + white by hereditary to continue the practise of my forefathers... I can never get to it’s extreme for Malay occultistry is somehow is in connection with Islamic religion. I’m fucking bad muslim, I drink, had unnatural sex, never fast during Ramadhan... so, all this contibutes to weakness in Magick.Anything you want to add?
Get “Phenomistik” album at record stores now, or send RM14 to Nebiula Production. Our new T-shirts would be out soon so get info of that from our label, Nebiula Prod. Support have been 100% positive out of your state, Perlis... My message on behalf of our entire As Sahar is – Heil you people there, especially the proudly acclaimed – PERLIS RACIST MALAY METAL DEMONS! Uphold our race!

interview by:- Rammy

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